BTS’s RM And Epik High’s Tablo Waited Four Years To Work Together For A Single Reason

The two recently talked about their collaboration on “Indigo.”

In the “Album Magazine Film” of his new album, Indigo, BTS’s RM dived deep into the meaning and creative process behind all of its ten tracks. The third track, “All Day,” is a collaboration with Tablo from Epik High, one of the most noted hip-hop artists in the Korean industry today.

(left) RM and (right) Tablo | BAGNTANTV/YouTube

RM explained that he was looking for an artist who could rap with a persuasive voice on “All Day,” and there could be no better choice than Tablo. When he sent in the demo with a proposal to work on the song together, Tablo agreed even before he heard the song!

The eagerness to work together was high in both of them, as RM revealed they had been trying to collaborate on something for four years. But the reason they waited for so long was that Tablo didn’t want to work on a gloomy song with RM.

I wanted to avoid negative energy and I didn’t want to convey those sentimetns to others. And fascinatingly, this song came to me at that timing.


The two geniuses finally put their minds together on “All Day,” which RM describes as the “Most upbeat and exciting song. A track you can listen to mindlessly.” Though the sound of the track is very bright, the message still carries the trademark insightfulness of both RM and Tablo’s lyricism.

Before “All Day,” Tablo has also worked with Suga on multiple occasions. In 2019, Suga was featured as an artist in Lee Sora‘s “Song Request,” written and produced by Tablo. A few months later, Suga appeared as a producer on Epik High’s song “Eternal Sunshine.”


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