BTS RM’s First Childhood Memory With His Dad Has ARMYs Feeling Emotional

RM vividly recalls a memory that has ARMYs in their feels.

BTS‘s new limited edition collector’s edition of their anthology album PROOF is starting to be delivered to fans who ordered the special album. In it are new interviews giving fans a more intimate look into the lives of the seven members.

For one of BTS RM’s interview questions, the group’s leader was asked to think back to a time before the meteoric fame when the interviewer asked RM what his earliest memory was. Surprisingly, RM could remember a sentimental moment from when he was only three years old, and ARMYs believe it shaped part of what makes RM so special.

A childhood photo of RM | @Selexd0/Pinterest

ARMYs know RM as inquisitive, intelligent, well-spoken, thoughtful, and hardworking. When he’s not traveling the world with BTS, or working on music, he spends his precious free time “Namjooning,” often taking his bicycle on his adventures.

Fans have come to love the appreciation of life that RM practices, and it’s inspired many ARMYs to adopt “Namjooning” moments into their own lives. This is an example of one of the many positive impacts BTS has had on ARMY. This special lifestyle may have started with RM’s earliest memory.

His earliest memory took him back to the time he lived with his family on the top of a hill.

RM with a friend overlooking the city | @rkive/Instagram

He shared that he went on a motorcycle ride with his dad, who took RM with him to deliver baby food.

It was around when my dad was getting off work at night or on the weekend. Though if you think about it now, it’s quite dangerous, he put me on his lap while driving the motorcycle and went over the hill and delivered the baby food.

— RM

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In poetic RM fashion, what he remembered most was the air and the lack of obstacles in their way as they rode down the hill.

Fans were touched by how eloquently RM recalled his earliest memory, wondering if that’s what sparked the leader’s love of cycling. ARMYs reflected on RM’s answer and appreciated him opening up to share the intimate memory with fans.

He even released a song called “Bicycle” in 2021 for the group’s annual FESTA, sharing that he often uses the time he spends cycling to process his thoughts and emotions.

Whenever I ride a bicycle, I feel strange. When I’m sad, I ride  a bicycle. I thought there might be others who feel that, too.

— RM

It seems the emotional moment he shared with his dad left a lasting impact on RM, which has positively impacted ARMYs too.

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