BTS’s RM Gave A Surprise Performance At The “Love Your W” Event And Had Two Of The Best Hype Men In The Crowd

He even sprinkled some in some choreography for added devastation.

BTS‘s RM and J-Hope attended W Korea‘s “Love Your W” event, which supports campaigns for breast cancer awareness. As soon as the ’94-liners stepped into the venue, fans were smitten by their looks and cute chemistry. 

Only a little while later, videos of RM performing at the event started popping up on social media. He was joined on stage by Balming Tiger, and together they performed their latest collaboration, “Sexy Nukkim.” This is the first time he has performed the song live, and he even added some choreography that took it all to the next level.

ARMYs couldn’t hold themselves back since there were way too many things going on within the same performance. RM’s all-black look, smooth dance moves, deep-voiced rap, and overall sexy stage presence enamored fans from all directions.

And it looks like ARMYs are not the only ones floored for RM during the performance. In another video posted by W Korea, J-Hope and Astro‘s Cha Eunwoo could be seen bopping along to RM’s song while hyping him up amidst the grooving crowd.

This morning many ARMYs were emotional over Jin’s heartfelt song “The Astronaut,” and now they are fighting for their lives thanks to RM. Being a BTS fan has to be one of the wildest rides ever.


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