What Does BTS Think Of Their Haters? RM’s Response Proves How Wise He Really Is

He spilled all the tea on their antis.

During a live broadcast, RM went in-depth about BTS‘s haters and discussed how to deal with them and what they symbolize in terms of the group’s success.

As many ARMYs already know, despite achieving massive success throughout the years, BTS has been on the receiving end of criticism since their debut. However, RM points out that it’s impossible to be loved by everyone.

He humbly admits that it could be due his or the group’s own fault, but also there are many times when it’s unwarranted.

He admits that he sees having haters outside of Korea is, in a way, a symbol of achieving success.

Having haters in the U.S. means that we’re now in the mainstream. It’s great.

— RM

Though this fact might hurt ARMYs, RM stresses that engaging with this negative behavior is only a waste of energy.

Please don’t care about it. The energy you would spend there could be used for other nice things.

— RM

Additionally, giving hate comments attention is exactly what they want, so it’s best not to engage.

He shares that there’s nothing wrong with having an opinion like that…

…but when they bring it beyond the circle of people they know and post slander for the public to see, that’s when they reveal their true intentions.

They don’t seem cool, do they? It’s easy to leave hate comments.

— RM

In the end, the best method is just to not bring any attention to comments from haters.

Used to being the underdogs, BTS knows exactly how to deal with doubts from haters.

Based on his experience, sometimes those haters are actually fans inside! Instead of focusing on these people, RM focuses on his growth and doesn’t seek out negative comments.

You know, there’s a thin line between haters and fans.

— RM

Check out more of his inspiring words from his live broadcast below.

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