Here’s Why BTS Is About More Than Just 7 Boys

“BTS in 2022 is really complicated and sophisticated.” — RM

Recently, RM revealed his true thoughts on what BTS represents during a live broadcast.

He shared that BTS is about much more than just the members of the group.

BTS is not just about seven boys. It’s a huge wave consisting of various people. And what they ignore is the existence of the ARMY.

— RM

Their diverse audience that has helped them achieve success today is a huge part of what makes BTS so different from others.

We may not be as great as the self-made artists or anyone else but we got something special, too. We got something different, I think. And that can be the team, that can be the nationality, or the language we use and we write. But I think the most important point is the ARMY and the people who truly support us. And not just support us, but being together with us.

— RM

BTS is breaking barriers for Korean and Asian culture, representing the global youth of today, discussing topics of self love and mental health, among many other progressive issues. In this way, the concept of “BTS” entails much more than simply the members who make up the group.

Most importantly for RM, something that is a vital part of BTS is the involvement of ARMYs and their genuine, mutual relationship with the people who support them.

It’s not just one way, it’s mutual. We give them something and they give us something and I truly felt today as well, seeing you guys in person and hearing your voices, it’s something that comes from the heart. And it’s abut the soul. Sharing hearts and sharing souls.

— RM

Through art and the journey of BTS, the members and fans are able to have a connection.

We may not know each other if I didn’t do this team or music. Maybe I’ll have a trip to Las Vegas and just pass by you guys as a tourist from Korea. But now, through music and performance and the team, we can be something.

— RM

Though BTS may have started with seven boys, the impacts they have made on both their fans and the world are limitless!

Check out more from RM’s live stream below.

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