Here’s Why It’s Hard For Celebrities To Get Tattoos, According To BTS’s RM

This is what’s holding him back.

BTS‘s RM talked all about tattoos during his recent live broadcast and revealed everything from his thoughts on a group friendship tattoo to how he feels about personally getting one for himself. However, he revealed there’s something bigger holding him back from getting his own.

With a recognizable tattoo in a visible spot, it would be another way people could identify him when he goes out in public.

Just like many celebrities, when going out in public, RM tries to conceal his identity to simply live his life as a normal person and avoid creating a scene.

People can see my tattoo and wonder, ‘Is that him?’

— RM

However, according to himself, RM is already a very recognizable figure due to some of his most obvious traits, including his sense of fashion, height, and voice.

I stand out outside. Maybe I’m a bit tall. People easily recognize me.

— RM

A tattoo would be just another easy way for people to identify him, especially during the warmer months.

During summer, I almost wear nothing. I only wear shirts and shorts. So if I get tattoos, I’m afraid that people will recognize me quickly.

— RM

However, he revealed his idea for a group tattoo with BTS would be located in an obscure place. Check out where and what he wants to get below!

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