Why BTS’s RM Hates Weverse Live

It’s not for the reason you might expect.

BTS have recently switched from holding their live broadcasts on VLIVE to Weverse Live as the two are to merge by the end of the year.

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Still, BTS’s RM isn’t exactly a fan, but it’s not for what you might expect.

BTS’s RM | Weverse

Fans have had mixed feelings regarding the updates to Weverse. Especially since BTS are using the platform for live broadcasts, some ARMYs do not even realize it until later.

RM recently held his live broadcast via Weverse to celebrate his 28th birthday with ARMY.

It would sometimes freeze or straight-up crash during it, causing frustration.

RM ultimately had to go live twice, and while the first viewership was already surprisingly small for a BTS member, the second was shockingly less than a million, likely due to these issues.

Still, that is not the reason that RM confessed that he hated Weverse Live. During the first live broadcast, he continually said that he hated it.

I hate this…. I hate this… What is it?

— RM

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Finally, he said his hatred was due to the video quality. He felt like the quality was too good.

I hate this because, you know, the quality. The video quality is so good. It’s like 4K. I don’t know. 8K?

— RM

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RM couldn’t remember the English word for it, but he was especially concerned about how viewers would be able to see his “pores.”

You can see my…

— RM

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RM’s skin is flawless! So, he has nothing to worry about.

Check out more moments from RM’s birthday live broadcast below.

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