BTS’s RM Helps Out K-Comedians With His World-Class Influence

He liked them before they were cool.

BTS’s RM has once again proved just how influential he is by opening up opportunities for a famous K-Comedy interview show.

| Psick University/YouTube

At the end of 2022, RM guested on Psick University’s PSICK SHOW to promote his new solo album Indigo. His appearance on this show was his only YouTube promotion for Indigo—showing how much he is a fan of Psick University.

Psick University/YouTube

He was an early fan of Psick University. In an interview on Radio Star, one of the Psick University comedians, Lee Yong Ju, revealed that RM subscribed to their YouTube channel back when they had less than 80,000 subscribers—now they have 1.94 million.

We have 1.9 million subscribers now, but RM told me he has been watching our channel when we had 80,000 subscribers. So he already knew so much about us before we met.

— Lee Yong Ju of Psick University

RM on the PSICK SHOW | Psick University/YouTube

Lee Yong Ju shared and even reenacted the moment when BTS’s manager called them, saying RM wanted to be a guest on their show.

Our manager was in a meeting and he got a call from an unknown number but he ignored it about two times. The number kept calling him so he assumed it was a package delivery and picked up.

‘Hello, is this Psick University’s manager?’
‘Yes, who’s this?’
‘I’m the manager of a group named BTS.’
‘Oh yes, how can I help you?’
‘We have a member named RM and he wants to be a guest on PSICK SHOW.’
‘Yes, he can! YES, HE CAN! YEAHHHHHH!’


The PSICK SHOW began when Lee Yong Ju and two other comedians, Jung Jae Hyung and Kim Min Soo, decided to make an all-English comedy show after realizing how silly and pretentious they sounded speaking English to one another.

It all started when the three comedians asked themselves:

“K-Pop is globally loved and there are K-Movies and K-Dramas… why isn’t there K-Comedy?

— Lee Yong Ju

It was a dream come true for Psick University to have RM on the show, and his episode did very well—reeling in over 3.7 million views. Lee Yong Ju also shared that their channel gained many overseas subscribers after RM’s appearance on the show.

This isn’t the first time RM has supported the Psick comedians. A recent episode with Epik High revealed that RM continually urged them to go on the show—so Epik High went out of their way to be a guest.

He even commented on Psick University’s Instagram post and showed support by ranking their comedy interview show amongst those from famous hosts like Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and Conan O’Brien.

RM’s comment | @psickuniv/Instagram

With their channel growing exponentially, the PSICK SHOW has goals to film episodes in LA this year. Psick University’s hard work and determination make them bound for success—and with RM’s help, the K-Comedians are truly heading toward bigger and better things!


Source: MBC Official Channel