The RM Effect: How The BTS Leader Gets Epik High To Spend Ten Thousand Dollars

A true influencer!

Hip-hop trio Epik High recently appeared on Psick University‘s PSICK SHOW and revealed how they spent ten thousand dollars because of a BTS member.

Epik High (left) and PSICK SHOW hosts (right) | @PsickUniv/YouTube

The PSICK SHOW is a comedic interview with English-speaking K-Pop artists hosted by three comedians. Many celebrities have been guests on the show, including Johnny from NCT, CL, Jay Park, and RM of BTS.

Jung Jae Hyung, Kim Min Soo, RM, and Lee Yong Joo (left to right) | @psickuniv/Instagram

When RM was on the show, he had a great time with the hosts Jung Jae Hyung, Kim Min Soo, and Lee Yong Joo. They talked about three celebrities RM was most surprised to meet, and RM even got taught three important aspects of being 30. Perhaps it was because he had a great time on the PSICK SHOW that led to what happened next.

| @psickuniv/Instagram

In the episode with Epik High, the leader Tablo confessed that he decided to go on the PSICK SHOW because RM told him to go on it… repeatedly.

So before we went to Europe, I had dinner with BTS’s RM. And while we were eating, he was like, ‘Hyung, you have to go on PSICK SHOW.’ And he just kept saying it. Ten minutes [later], he was like, ‘Hyung, go on the PSICK SHOW.’ And I’m like, you already said that. One hour later, ‘Hyung, you must go on the PSICK SHOW.’

Tablo | @PsickUniv/YouTube

Because of RM’s earnest suggestion, Tablo and his members decided to be a guest on the PSICK SHOW and even went out of their way.

So we called and we were like, ‘We want to come on the PSICK SHOW.’ But you were only available today so we had to go Europe, and then we had to come back, shoot this, and then we go to the states.

| @PsickUniv/YouTube

It was not a cheap decision either. Epik High was in the middle of their tour and had plans to perform in Europe and then the US, but the trio made a pit stop in Korea just to shoot the PSICK SHOW—and, of course, to listen to their hoobae’s, or junior’s, suggestion. Tablo jokingly admitted that they paid a lot of money to be there.

This cost us—how much were the tickets? This cost us money.

Continuing with the humorous atmosphere, Tablo asked, “How much does it cost to shoot one episode?” When host Lee Yong Ju joked, “20 bucks,” Tablo said:

20 bucks?! It cost us ten thousand dollars!

The RM effect worked and we are glad it did as Epik High’s episode on the PSICK SHOW was full of laughs and fun moments.

It has been known for a while that Epik High and BTS members are close, especially RM and Suga. It’s heartwarming to see RM not only be a caring hoobae by recommending his seniors to be on one of the hottest interview shows but also be loyal to his Psick brothers.

Their friendship is adorable, and we cannot wait to see their relationship develop even more!

Watch the full clip here.


Epik High on PSick show

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