BTS’s RM Gets Schooled On The Three Important Aspects Of Being 30

A truly educational moment.

On December 14, BTS‘s RM appeared on the PSICK SHOW, hosted by Lee Yong Joo, Jung Jae Hyung, and Kim Min Soo. The show premiered on the trio’s comedy YouTube channel Psick Univ.

(From left to right) Jung Jae Hyung, Kim Min Soo, RM, and Lee Yong Joo | @psickunive/Instagram

The entire episode showed RM in a somewhat extroverted mood, joking along with the comedians as the four filled the room with some serious “bro” energy. During their conversation, the three hosts kindly guided their guest to learn what it takes to be a 30-something since RM is about to turn 30 in a year.

Here are the top 3 lessons that the BTS member got schooled on:

1. How to answer a phone

Lee Yong Joo took the lead in showing RM how to answer a phone call when you’re in your 30s. According to Lee, picking up the call and putting your mobile to your ears is a younger-generation exclusive behavior.



As a 30-year-old, the phone should be answered in the following way—pick up the call, put it on speaker, and hold the phone with three fingers as your head hangs low on the table. there are only three acceptable things to say over a call as a 30-something: “Where are you?”, “What are you doing?”, “Come down.”

RM, being the fast learner he is, followed his instructions to the tee. He might have ended up harming a few ARMYs spiritually with his hotness while doing so.

2. How to shake hands

As someone still in his 20s, RM revealed that when he goes for a handshake, he brings his hands up from below.

But Lee Yong Joo showed him the way of the 30-year-old. As soon as you are in your 30s, your hand should come from above for the handshake. He didn’t really specify why, but even a simpleton can tell this is the way to establish dominance.

3. How to wrap up a drinking party with younger friends

A simple goodbye to mark the end of a friendly dinner? That’s the affair of the youngins. Once RM confirmed that he just wishes his companions good night and wraps up drinking parties

Kim Min Soo jumped in to show him how to do it the 30s way. He swiftly took out ₩50,000 KRW notes and handed one each to the dongsaengs sitting at the table.

Point to note: RM took the money and put it inside his pocket. Only he was allowed to actually keep the money, and the other two were asked to return it swiftly once the demonstration ended.

Thanks to the Psick Univ crew, now the beloved BTS member is ready to face his 30s head-on.


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