Epik High’s Tablo Shares How BTS’s Suga Helped His Daughter With Her Homework

The size of this flex is unbearable.

Epik High member Tablo recently shared a behind-the-scenes story from his appearance on BTS Suga‘s talk show Suchwita.

Tablo was a guest on the show’s fifth episode, which aired on February 23. Since Suga has been friends with him for quite some time, their chemistry was easily visible to viewers as they talked about their personal and professional lives.

After the episode was released, ARMYs couldn’t help but feel emotional that Suga, who was once a big fan of Epik High, was sitting across from Tablo at the same table, talking to him as a fellow musician and friend.

BTS’s Suga Is An Successful Fanboy After Epik High’s Tablo Brings A “Surprise” On “Suchwita”

But Suga wasn’t the only successful fan on set that day. Tablo’s daughter Haru gained a huge flex during the episode’s filming. On March 9, Epik High had a concert in Fort Lauderdale and in between their songs, they played a video of Tablo talking about Haru and Suga’s interaction that day.

A 2018 picture of Tablo with Haru | @tabloisdad/Instagram

Haru was on Suchwita‘s set with a mission at hand. She was working on a school project that was about BTS. So, she went to ask Suga a few questions for the report. After finishing the project, she cited her sources as “Suga,” offering the coldest flex of the century.

Near the end of the Suchwita episode, Tablo had mentioned that he had to help Haru with homework when Suga asked him to join him for a meal. As it turns out, Suga was the homework Tablo was helping her with all along!

Haru has definitely secured straight A for the project, while Tablo might have just outdone everyone for the “best dad ever” title!

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