BTS’s RM Picks 3 Celebrities He Was Most Surprised To Meet

All three of them are rappers.

BTS RM‘s special guest appearance on the PSICK SHOW was both wholesome and chaotic, as hosts Lee Yong Joo, Jung Jae Hyung, and Kim Min Soo constantly connected with BTS’s leader in the most unexpected ways. Throughout the show, they also went back and forth, showering each other with compliments.

BTS’s RM with Lee Yong Joo, Jung Jae Hyung, and Kim Min Soo | 피식대학Psick Univ/YouTube

The interview also had a casual vibe, almost like a group of friends coming together to chat. The hosts talked with RM about many unexplored and hilarious topics, like things to do when turning 30 and how picking wedding gifts has changed after becoming successful.

The PSICK SHOW then asked one of their most burning questions, “You met so many famous people, right? Who surprised you the most?” RM had three answers.

1. Pharrell Williams

RM had the chance to have an in-depth interview with Pharrell through Rolling Stone, which must have been a dream come true for him!

BTS’s RM with Pharrell Williams | Rolling Stone

2. Drake

The Canadian rapper was a huge influence and inspiration for BTS.

Drake with BTS | @BTS_twt/Twitter

3. Nas

RM still remembered the exact moment he met his hero, saying he was a “Real OG.

Nas | @nas/Instagram

Watch the full interview below! BTS’s RM names the three celebrities he was most surprised to meet at the 20:32 mark.


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