BTS RM’s Strategy For Picking Wedding Gifts Showcases His True Personality

Celebs…they are just like us.

During his recent appearance at the PSICK SHOW, BTS‘s RM showed a very unfiltered and honest side of his personality.

| @psickuniv/Instagram

The conversation between RM and the three hosts, Lee Yong Joo, Jung Jae Hyung, and Kim Min Soo, was so free-flowing that the entire episode seemed like just four friends hanging out. In that casual environment, when the hosts asked how much he spends while gifting others, RM was shockingly candid.

| Psick Univ/YouTube
| Psick Univ/YouTube
| Psick Univ/YouTube

While answering the question, RM specified that he finds wedding gifts the trickiest, and it’s very much because his fame adds extra pressure to the matter due to people’s expectations.

The BTS leader explained that he goes for the safest option and gets hanwoo (Korean beef) as a present in these cases. But since he has a reputation to uphold, he opts for the “highest to lowest price” filter to get his options.

RM joked that the top-most options usually come up almost worth $1,000 USD, and he is not that keen on spending so much for a wedding invite from someone who isn’t that close. So, he goes for the third or fourth option, usually worth $200-$300 USD.

He then added that when he sends chukeuigeum or congratulatory money for weddings, he splurges the most or doesn’t do it at all.

Now that is the spending habit of a true ‘broke millionaire’, and the fact that RM showed such honesty about his finances really makes you appreciate his easygoing personality.


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