“WTF Is That?” The Story Behind BTS RM’s New Strange Instagram Profile Picture

It makes so much sense now!

BTS‘s RM recently debuted his new short hairstyle, and it’s reminding fans of one specific character!

After various memes circulated the internet from ARMY, even RM was in on the joke.

A Sylvanian mole? I saw that picture.

— RM

With his new short hairstyle and round head, RM bares a striking resemblance to the mole character of Sylvanian Families.

The short and fuzzy texture of his dark hair perfectly matches the mole’s adorable appearance.

The full family set line of toys may bring back nostalgic memories for some fans!

Because of this, he changed his profile photo on Instagram to the character.

We’re loving RM’s new look!

Now, ARMYs have a new character that reminds them of RM.

Source: theqoo