BTS’s RM Gets Sabotaged By His Own Merch…And J-Hope Is Loving It 

Things didn’t go as planned.

BTS‘s RM has gone from idol to entrepreneur to present his new merch to ARMY!

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Last week, HYBE MERCH announced BTS’s “Artist Made Collection,” a collection of merchandise designed by the members themselves. BTS will also personally market and promote their merch.

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Unbeknownst to fans, RM began promoting one of two items (jogging pants and a wind chime) long before the collection was announced. He wore these pants during a livestream while telling fans, “There’s a secret behind these pants.” 

There’s a secret behind these pants. I’m wearing them right now, but it’s a secret. I feel like I showed you guys everything, but there’s a huge secret hiding within these pants so please look forward to it.

— RM

In a new video, entitled ARTIST-MADE COLLECTION ‘SHOW’ BY BTS – RM, RM shows off his merchandise, using his members as models. His jogging pants, tested by BTS’s resident athlete, Jungkook, are a step above run-of-the-mill jogging pants…sort of.

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“And what’s annoying about regular jogger pants?” RM asked, jogging in place. “They stick out at the knees.” 

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“It doesn’t stretch out at the knees,” RM continued proudly. “and the fleece lining completely prevents the knees…” Uh oh. The pants didn’t do exactly what RM advertised.

“Well, it sticks out a little,” he amended as, just off-camera, J-Hope burst out laughing. “But not that much. It has cotton in it too, so we can’t prevent it 100%. But these jogger pants stick out very little at the knees.” 


Like a true salesman, RM continued his pitch, showing off the pants’ ARMY logo and deep pockets. Most people probably won’t be carrying weights in their pockets…but they could!


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