BTS’s RM Shows His Undying Love And Support For Bestie J-Hope While In The Military

He’s just like us!

BTS‘s team leader and performance leader RM and J-Hope have a friendship like true brothers.

BTS’s J-Hope and RM | Newsen

As same-age friends with a deep understanding of one another, RM understandably shed tears on the day of J-Hope’s enlistment.

However, after completing his basic military training, J-Hope has returned to social media to post updates on how he’s doing — and nobody is as excited as RM is!

| Weverse

RM couldn’t help but comment his support on J-Hope’s photos.

You worked hard, Hob-ah 😭😭!!!

— RM

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He also commented on J-Hope’s latest Instagram feed post. Before entering the military, J-Hope wrote a message for fans and posted a final selfie showcasing his military buzzcut.

I’ll go healthily and come back!!

— J-Hope

| @uarmyhope/Instagram
| @uarmyhope/Instagram

RM returned to the post to comment three hearts under it, missing his friend dearly.


— RM

| @uarmyhope/Instagram 

94z friendship is so precious!

| Athenaa

Check out what else J-Hope just posted below.

BTS’s J-Hope Shares First Instagram Update Since Enlisting In The Military


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