“That’s Literally Him!” — BTS RM’s Hilarious Lockscreen Has An Unexpected Backstory

“He uses his gun…”

BTS‘s RM recently gave ARMYs a taste of his sense of humor on Instagram. He posted a story showing off his new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 phone, but everybody’s attention was immediately drawn to his hilarious lock screen.

| @rkive/Instagram

Fans were in splits with this unexpected Instagram update from the rapper, who has developed more of a soft and serene image as an artist in the past few years.

BTS RM | @bts_bighit/Twitter

While people are loving this unfiltered energy from RM, his lock screen also got them curious about the source of the picture. Some fans also shared that they either had the same photo as their lock screens or in the form of other phone accessories.

The original illustration is made by a South Korean artist who goes by the alias JOGUMAN. The artist has created a collection of eight cute dinosaur characters, each with a unique personality. All of them are portrayed in amusing, short, comic-style illustrations that drive this one motto home: “We are tiny little beings. But that doesn’t mean we’re unimportant.”

The character in RM’s lock screen is called Brachio, who is flipping off the sun. But there is a cute backstory to this hilarious scene. The middle finger that Brachio is showing to the sun is a glove specially sewn by him because his actual middle finger is too cute to be considered intimidating.

| @joguman.studio/Instagram

The world… is f*cked up!
F*ck you…

| @joguman.studio/Instagram

Look at that middle finger, haha.
How cute!
That’s not intimidating at all!

| @joguman.studio/Instagram

Brachio: I get it… It looks stupidly small to me, too.
Brachio’s middle finger: Not you, too…!

| @joguman.studio/Instagram


Later that evening…


Finally… It’s ready!


| @joguman.studio/Instagram


| @joguman.studio/Instagram


Brachio is described as “unforgiving” and “brutal.” He is a “strong and independent dinosaur” who is not afraid to speak up for himself. Fun fact: Brachio has a gun but uses it “only when it’s necessary.” Interestingly, some fans felt that RM resembled Brachio’s personality quite a lot.

| jogumanstudio.com

Fans’ reaction to the particular illustration has been interestingly varied. While international fans felt that the lock screen choice reflected RM’s unfiltered honesty, K-ARMYs interpreted it as RM expressing his frustration with the current hot weather in South Korea. But both could agree on how cute it was of RM to use the illustration as his lock screen and then share it with fans.

| theqoo
  • “Ah, he is too cute.”
  • “The summer sun is really…LOL…I agree with him.”
  • “Cute.”
  • “Namjoonie must be really hot? LOL. He’s cute.”
  • “Our sweat-joonie, it’s too hot, right? TT”
  • “Cute.”
  • “As someone who gets hot easily, I can relate TT.”