BTS RM’s MBTI Has Officially Changed, And He Has The Wisest Response To The Results

RM continues to prove why he’s a true leader!

It seems as if, in the last few years, the world has become obsessed with the MBTI test. The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator test is where netizens answer a series of complicated questions to determine which of the 16 personality types they fall into. 

Recently, BTS‘s RM revealed that his MBTI had changed again, but it was his explanation that caught the attention of fans.


Earlier in the year, BTS revealed their updated MBTI. At the time, RM’s results stayed the same as the idol cemented his status as a true ENFP, which is known as the champion.

According to the characteristics of ENFP, RM was passionate, warm, imaginative, confident, proactive, and flexible. These are all perfect qualities for the leader and showcase RM’s strengths as a musician and artist.

RM’s old MBTI type | BANGTANTV/YouTube

Well, it seems as if the result has changed, even if it’s only slightly. On Instagram, RM posted a picture of his updated results, and it turns out that after taking the test again, RM revealed that he was now ENTP, known as the “Debater.”

RM’s new MBTI | @rkive/Instagram

Unsurprisingly, looking at the characteristics, RM fits all the most positive qualities. According to the 16Personalities website, ENTPs are known for being “Bold and creative, deconstructing and rebuilding ideas with great mental agility. They pursue their goals vigorously despite any resistance they might encounter.”

As the leader of BTS and someone who is extremely determined and creative in every way, it seems like the perfect fit for RM.

Yet, it was the post after the results that truly cemented why RM is such a knowledgable and respected person. While someone people are very focused on the results of MBTI and allow it to dictate their lives, RM is the complete opposite.

RM explained that in people’s lives, it’s impossible to be one kind of person all of the time. Throughout the day and in different activities, each person behaves a different way, and one of the most significant parts was when RM said, It is hard to define ‘I am always this…‘”

| @rkive/Instagram

RM then went on to explain that it is never good to get “Immersed” in something. Considering how seriously some people take the tests, it isn’t surprising, and even during the MBTI lab, RM emphasized that the results were something to take with a pinch of salt.


RM isn’t the leader of BTS for no reason and over the years, his wisdom has always been a guiding light for the members and ARMY. The MBTI test might be popular but the idol has reminded everyone that they are in charge of their destiny and can always change the course of their lives.

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Source: @rkive/Instagram

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