BTS’s RM Notices The Point Of The Concert ARMYs Get Tired — And He Feels The Same Way

Too much excitement zaps everyone’s energy!

For both the BTS members and ARMYs, there’s nothing more exciting than being at a BTS concert. However, two and a half hours of nonstop madness can be tiring for everyone!

RM shared that from the moment the show begins, everyone is standing, waving their hands, and jumping with excitement.

Right as the concert begins, the energy of both BTS and the crowd is at it’s peak.

You guys used your energy at the first part, like “DOPE” and “Fire” and “ON.” You used your energy the most.

— RM

However, once they’re about half way into the show, RM notices a shift.

ARMYs are still trying their best to use their energy, but it’s easy to start feeling fatigued from so much excitement by this point!

When you get to some songs and tracks like “Idol” or “So What” later, you guys were so exhausted.

— RM

RM completely understands the feeling. As a a matter of fact, the BTS members are using even more energy and also start feeling it by that time.

We are the same! Me too, I feel that.

— RM

The members are so professional that you would never know how tired they are by this point in the show!

Check out more from his livestream below.

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