Here’s Why Speaking English Is Sometimes More Comfortable For BTS’s RM

It’s unexpected, but his reasoning makes sense!

BTS‘s RM is a man of unlimited talents. Not only does he lead his members with confidence, he eloquently delivers thoughtful speeches and answers hard-hitting interview questions with grace, whether he chooses to speak in Korean or English.

However, he recently revealed which language he sometimes prefers speaking. During his live broadcast after the first “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” concert in Las Vegas, RM revealed that there are times when he feels more comfortable speaking English.

He revealed that when he speaks Korean, he has to be more cautious and there are times when he can’t fully express himself.

This leads to him saying more of how he really feels when speaking in English, like during a concert.

He discusses that for him, he can speak casually in English and simply state how he feels.

When speaking in English, you know, it’s just ‘No, man. It’s not a problem.’

— RM

However, due to the nature of the Korean language, there are often more formalities to follow, causing him to feel more cautious when speaking.

I’m like this. But, when I speak in Korean, I’m like, ‘Hello, thank you for joining us today.’ Like this difference.

— RM

With this in mind, it makes sense why RM is able to deliver such heartfelt speeches during concerts in English! Check out his latest ending ment from “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” in Las Vegas below.

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