BTS’s RM Wants To Rent Out A Whole Coffee Shop To Talk To ARMY And It’s Just As Romantic As It Sounds

Is this a date?!

BTS‘s RM is a true romantic. As a lover of literature, nature, and thinking deeply about his emotions, it’s no surprise that he created the dreamiest scenario as his ideal “date” with ARMY.

| Naver

It would be nice if we could rent out an entire coffee shop and just talk. It’s almost like a dream to think about sitting down together, making small-talk, and maybe have fun singing a little.

— RM

Spending a lot of his free time exploring cafes, the peaceful and casual setting would be the perfect place for RM to get to know ARMY.

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Always posting his messages for fans on social media, he values communicating with those who love him. However, if that’s not possible, he also gave ARMY advice on how to spend their free time.

While he admits there’s no secret to the perfect weekend, he recommends finding what you truly enjoy and filling your time with it!

When I see people around me who work or who are students, I find there isn’t much of a secret to having a great weekend. I think most people spend one day at home and rest, and go out the other day. It might sound lame, but after trying many things, my favorite activity is going to the art gallery and going on riding my bike. I hope that our ARMY have regular old weekends, enjoying what they like most.

— RM

ARMY can collectively agree that his choices are perfect to spend some time with fans!

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Source: Weverse