BTS’s RM Opens Up About His Struggles And Thoughts About The Past While Working On “Map Of The Soul:7”

He opened up about the thoughts he had while working on “Map Of The Soul:7”.

On February 24, 2 PM KST, BTS held their global online press conference for their new album Map Of The Soul:7, released on February 21.

During the conference, the members answered many questions, such as why “Shadow” and “Ego” were combined into one album, the reason behind the far-reaching presence of their music, and more.

One of the topics RM opened up about was the process of creating the album, and dealing with the emotions that bubbled to the surface while working on certain songs.

RM began by saying that this was the first time he was opening up about this, and revealed that he cried while working on the more down-tempo songs such as “We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal” and “Louder Than Bombs”. He expressed his struggles with being able to deal with his weaker sides, as well as accepting them.

This is the first time I’m talking about this, but while working on the more down-tempo songs such as “We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal” and “Louder Than Bombs”, I cried a lot while working on them in the studio alone, as I was thinking about the past. I think I’m still struggling with revealing my weaker sides, and accepting them as they are.

In a way, I’m still fearful of continually expressing the fact that we, or I, still have such hardships or fears.


He then thinks back to BTS’s start 7 years ago, and acknowledges all the up and downs they experienced as a group.

Looking back at the 7 years we spent, if we go back to the beginning, there were times when we were absolutely clueless, times we made mistakes, but also times that we did well. Going back, while thinking of how each of the six members besides myself were, I think they did really well, and I think a lot about how fortunate I am


He then further talks about how grateful he is to have his fortunes, and reveals his future goals for the group.

The fact alone that I can make this kind of music and dance alongside these people right here, is there a blessing bigger than that? And the blessing of being able to face these reporters, as well as so many ARMYs who are watching this press conference, I think that’s what helps me keep my two feet well-grounded.

“I’m not some amazing person, I’m just a regular person, and I should be thankful that such great luck came my way and I should work harder”, that’s the mindset I had while I was working on the album.

While moving ahead another 7 years, I want us to look at each others’ faces again, although to be honest, we’re so used to it now that we’re a little sick of it too, thinking, “Wow, I’m seeing you again today”.

But looking at each other, I wish we work together healthily, for a long, long, time, feeling each day on its own, happily.



BTS made their comeback on February 21, with the full album Map Of The Soul:7, and title track “ON”. They will first promote in Korea, before embarking on their Map Of The Soul world tour in April.