BTS’s RM Finally Lands His Joke With Pharrell Williams 4 Years Later

We admire his dedication!

American music artist and producer Pharrell Williams finally got BTS RM‘s joke years later.

BTS’s RM (left) and Pharrell Williams (right)

Pharrell has been RM’s idol for years. Even before he was the world-famous BTS leader that we know today, RM had covered Pharrell’s songs such as “Take It Off.”

Over the past several years, Pharrell was the most commonly named artist that RM expressed a desire to collaborate with.

And Pharrell has been teasing it all year.

Now, after all these years, that dream is becoming a reality. The two revealed that they have been working together on new music, and RM has plans to release a solo album this month.

RM and Pharrell first officially met at The 2018 Billboard Music Awards. Back then, they even talked about collaborating.

Yet, at that time, RM had also attempted to tell a joke. He attempted to play on words by emphasizing “for real,” sounding like Pharrell’s name after several statements during their meeting.

It was not until four years later that Pharrell finally caught it. During their Rolling Stone “Musicians on Musicians” interview, RM made the same joke, and this time Pharrell laughed.

You gotta admire RM’s dedication!

Watch the video clips below.


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