BTS’s RM Surprises Even Pharrell With How Big Of A Fan He Is

RM proved how influential Pharrell’s work was to his own career.

BTS‘s RM and Pharrell recently sat down for an honest conversation about being musicians for Rolling Stone. In the exclusive video, the two opened up about an upcoming collaboration.

RM and Pharrell on the cover of “Rolling Stone” | Rolling Stone

In fact, Pharrell even admitted that when he met BTS at the Billboard Awards, he’d felt inspired to work with the group right away.

Pharrell: I didn’t want to be aggressive, so I was like… but I really wanted to. I think we took a photo backstage, and I was working in the studio not too far off, and I really wanted to be like, “f*ck all of this”… I wanted to be like, “Let’s leave here right now and go make some music.”

Of course, RM has never hidden his immense respect and admiration for many artists, including Pharrell, whom he’s been a fan of since he started as a musician.

RM: I started to listen to hip-hop music in 2005… But as I get to know you… When I first listened to your song, especially, I just want to point out “Take It Off,” cause that’s [in] my playlist, one of the playlists. When I listen to it, I even translated it into Korean, and I just recorded once when I was an amateur.

And during the interview, RM even admits how nervous he is to be talking about music with one of his idols.

RM: Actually, it’s really embarrassing to answer about all of this in front of my idol.

| Rolling Stone

When given the chance to ask Pharrell about his process for creating music, RM asks an extremely detailed question about how Pharrell “positions” himself during his creation process.

RM: I always wanted to have the frequency like you. Sometimes it’s just singing, you could be falsetto, sometimes you rap, sometimes you just sang the hook for the other artists. How do you position yourself when you participate in the song as a player?

His question even surprised Pharrell, with RM demonstrating just how knowledgeable he is about Pharrell’s music career.

Pharrell: Wow. First of all, these are great questions.

RM: Thank you.

Pharrell: And no one’s ever asked me that, believe it or not.

RM: Oh really?

Pharrell: I’ve never had a journalist ever ask me that.

RM: That really matters to me, so…

Pharrell: And that’s no cap. Believe it or not… And it sounds like they could [have asked me this] because it’s such an obvious question, but no one’s ever asked me that. So I’m blown away by that.

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Source: Rolling Stone