Pharrell Williams Spills On How Long He Has Been Wanting To Work With BTS

This has been long overdue!

Recently, BTS leader RM sat down with Pharrell Williams in an exclusive one-on-one conversation with each other for  Rolling Stone magazine. The two artists discussed various aspects of their careers, from their journey as musicians to their process of creating music.

During the conversation, RM candidly told Pharrell that he has been a fan for ages. He even mentioned the Korean cover of Pharrell’s “Take It Off,” which he made as a young teenager.

Sitting in front of his idol, RM asked away many questions, reflected on his own journey, and even talked about their collaborations. They both confirmed that BTS will feature on Pharrell’s upcoming album on a song called “Phriends” and Pharrell even offered to work with RM for his solo album.

During the interview, Pharrell revealed that he has been wanting to work with BTS for over four years now. When RM was reminiscing about their first meeting at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards, Pharrell enthusiastically said that he clearly remembers when they met backstage and he had to reign in his excitement to work with BTS right then and there.

I wanted to work then, but I didn’t want to be aggressive. But I was like let’s leave…I was working at a studio not too far away…I wanted to be like ‘Let’s leave here right now and go something crazy. I just loved everything you guys were doing. I loved your energy and I love what it is that you represent.

— Pharrell Williams, Rolling Stone

Pharrell emphasized that he admired BTS for representing the Asian community that he himself feels indebted to in some ways. He also added that the type of humility BTS exude despite their massive fanbase is also something that he feels is exemplary for other artists.