BTS’s RM Dropped A Pick-Up Line, And No Sir, We Are Not Okay

RM had fans swooning during his first live broadcast of the year.

Yesterday, BTS‘s RM announced his first live stream of 2021, and ARMYs around the world celebrated the news…

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Today, RM fulfilled his promise by spending half an hour chatting with fans about everything from his new TOEIC score, to “Ducktan Sonyeondan”, to his exercise regime, and much more.

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As always, fans flooded the live chat with comments. Even a genius like RM couldn’t possibly read them all, but one particular comment caught his attention.

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It was a classic pick-up line, written in English: “Are your legs tired? ‘Cause you’re running in my mind.” RM read the line aloud…

…and ended it with a cute “oooo” sound, followed by a dazzling smile.

Dear ARMY, please check on the RM stans in your life to make sure they’re still breathing!