BTS’s RM Reveals New Pink Hair, ARMY Trends “All Men Do Is Lie” 

“Pink Joon” is back, and we’re shook.

Just days after he went viral as “Blonde Joon”BTS‘s RM is taking over social media again with a new pink ‘do!


Back in 2015, RM debuted pink hair in BTS’s “Run” music video. Fans adored “Pink Joon,” but they wouldn’t be seeing him again for six whole years!

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Today, RM surprised ARMY with four new selfies, captioned “Puppies are difficult” on Twitter. In them, he pets his dog Monie while rocking a beautiful coral dye job.

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We weren’t expecting another hair change from RM so soon, and pink was the last color we would have predicted!

Last year, during an interview with AskAnythingChat, RM claimed that he would never dye his hair pink again. “I don’t do pink cause you know, Weekly Idol,” he said, associating pink hair with his “dark past”. “Nah, I won’t do it again“.

Now, ARMYs are calling RM out on his fib, so much so that “ALL MEN DO IS LIE” is trending on Twitter under the “RM” topic, right alongside “Pink Joon.”

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You know it’s comeback season when the hair transformations are happening! What other surprises will it bring?

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