BTS’s RM Reveals That He Will NEVER Have Pink Hair Again

Pink Joon will not be making a return.

BTS RM‘s pink hair is one of his most iconic looks, and many ARMYs have been hoping that it would one day make a return.

However, it seems that ARMYs won’t be able to get their wish, as RM isn’t the biggest fan of this look. BTS recently answered some questions from ARMYs with AskAnythingChat, and one ARMY asked about RM’s pink hair, “Namjoon (RM’s real name), the people want to see you with your pink hair again“. 

After reading this, RM quickly responded with, “I don’t do pink cause you know, Weekly Idol“. RM now views his pink hair as his “dark past” and concluded by saying, “Nah, I won’t do it again“.

Here’s the full video below!