“Rapper Girlfriend!” BTS’s RM Is Trending On Korean Twitter For His “Girlfriend”… But There’s An Unexpected Plot Twist

They definitely look good together! 😂😂

There is no doubt that BTS‘s RM is true boyfriend (and even husband) material. On May 11, BTS’s leader unexpectedly started trending on Korean social media websites, all because of his “girlfriend.”


RM’s relationship status has always been a talking point, with some even suggesting he has a secret wife, while others have thought he has a secret boyfriend, and the name “Soyeon” even became a hot topic when RM posted a photo with the words “namjoon 💙 sooyeon” in hangul.

The post on RM’s Instagram | @rkive/Instagram

Well, it seems like RM’s relationship status has become a hot topic again, but there’s a plot twist.

On May 11, RM became a hot topic on Korean social media when many ARMYs were shocked to see the phrase “래퍼여친” trending, which translated as “Rapper Girlfriend.”

“Rapper Girlfriend” was trending on social media | WikiTree

Luckily, before fans got too concerned, it seemed that it was far from what ARMYs expected from the tweets. Rather than any photos of RM with a “girlfriend,” it was full of pictures of BTS’s youngest member Jungkook.

BTS’s Jungkook | @jungkook.97/Instagram

Earlier in the day, RM had posted

that were seemingly from BLACKPINK Jennie‘s Calvin Klein after-party.

BTS’s Jungkook (left) and RM (right) | @rkive/Instagram

It seems like fans in Korea had been captioning the post with “Rapper girlfriend” because of how close the two members looked and the fact that Jungkook had long hair. In tweets from netizens, they couldn’t hide their reactions to the photos, incorporating the phrase.

They look like a rockstar rapper and his girlfriend.

— @wakeuplets

Rapper girlfriend LOL.

— @veritasJK

Rapper girlfriend is trending…

— @kimzero___

After realizing what was trending, even international netizens couldn’t get over the trending hashtag. While light-hearted, it was definitely a random trending phrase that showed how much fans loved the photo.

Of course, the topic of BTS members dating has always been a taboo topic, but the fact it was Jungkook was funny to ARMYs. In particular, considering he once revealed, “I ended up [at Big Hit] because Rap Monster was so cool.”

You can read more about the photo below.

Source: wikitree


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