Is BTS’s RM Dating Sooyeon? Post Sends ARMYs Into Frenzy

We all wanna be named Sooyeon.

Might BTS‘s RM be dating?

BTS’s RM (left) and friend (right) | @rkive/Instagram

RM released his first official solo album Indigo on Friday, December 2, and the lyrics of “Change pt.2” reflected on a failed relationship, and it 100% sounds like it’s coming from the perspective of someone with a broken heart.

I can’t believe I loved you once. Fool me once, then fool me twice. Shame on you, yeah, shame on me.

— BTS’s RM “Change pt.2.”

ARMYs were ready to give meaning to their name and go to war with the alleged ex in question.

“Change pt.2” is one of the few times RM has spoken about dating, as he and his members seldom talk about personal lives. RM even replied that the group wanted to focus on their careers when asked about dating in the past.

Despite RM’s silence on dating, he has often been subject to rumors. Some have suggested he has a secret wife, while others have thought he has a secret boyfriend…

Yet, ARMYs are suspicious that RM might be dating again…

RM recently updated his Instagram with several photos. He captioned it, “Things I’ve seen lately.” 

Amongst the photos of art pieces in museums was a photo of graffiti. At the center of the faded and rusted writing was “namjoon 💙 sooyeon” in hangul.

| @rkive/Instagram

Considering RM posted what appears to be a lovers’ dedication to each other, ARMYs couldn’t help but wonder if he was dating the “Sooyeon” in question.

Suddenly, every ARMY was named “Sooyeon.” It didn’t matter if they were Korean or not, either.

Some playfully called each other on it too.

Yet, “namjoon 💙 sooyeon” was dated 2017. Not only that, but there was other BTS-related writing on the graffiti wall.

So, it is more than likely that an ARMY wrote  “namjoon 💙 sooyeon” back then, and RM just thought it was cute. So, he took a photo and shared it.

RM does certainly love ARMY, after all!


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