BTS’s RM Gains Attention From Korean Netizens For His Sexy Brain And Eloquence

Smart is sexy.

BTS‘s RM dropped his first-ever solo album, INDIGO, on December 2, 2022. A night before the launch, he expressed his feelings about the launch via a heartfelt post on various social media outlets. The letter was long but well-written, representing just how smart he is.

I am trying not to be doubtful that just as it was ten years ago and now, sincerity and love will definitely reach others as they are. Although it’s not as planned and organized from the get-go as “MONO,” just as the explanation that was “10 Blues Included,” they all have become beautiful and varied fragments of light hidden inside me. I hope that you listen to them in order!

I have tried to present all of the various contents unique to myself that I’ve been thinking about for a long time coming through this album. Although I hope that everyone will like it, I’ll be cool about it if it’s not so. Like, well, what can I do? I’ll see you tomorrow with the confidence that there will be at least a single Blue that you like within the 10 Blues. My expressions and actions are still the same, but I’m sending my frequencies, which have been tuned a little and become cooler, to you through this long letter.

I’ll be grateful if you will accept it dearly.

I hope that this music will not be bravado, but courage, that you guys give to me.


— RM

| BigHit Music

Naturally, he captured the attention of many with how well he was able to emote his thoughts. Netizens praised him as the perfect example of a well-read and well-spoken man.

| Nate Pann
  • “That is why adults always tell us to read many books. The choice of vocabulary and also how he makes it easy to read with his paragraph, you can just tell. He’s really cool.”
  • “Whenever he speaks, it makes me feel like reading a book. Why did I only read comics when I was younger…”
  • “I’m totally jealous of his talent with writing and speaking and his brains. There are many amazing moments during his award ceremony speeches too.”
  • “There are so many instances where people are sincere, but they cannot convey it, but this person has the talent to convey just that. I’m jealous.”
  • “He seems like he’s read at least 300 books. His composition skills are just on the level of an author.”

Not many idols are as well-spoken and brainy as RM is. RM has been known to have one of the highest IQs ever, not just among idols but among humans in general.

Source: theqoo


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