BTS’s RM Revealed How The Members Actually React To Each Others’ Solo Works

It shows the real off-camera dynamics among them.

With the release of his solo album “Indigo” on December 2, BTS‘s RM has marked his official solo debut after J-Hope and Jin. In the middle of the promotion of his album, the artist answered a highly curious question during an interview—whether the BTS members listen to each others’ individual works before the official release.

RM’s photo sketch for “Indigo” | @rkive/Instagram

RM explained that out of the six members, only J-Hope listened to “Indigo” before it was released.

The only one I shared the whole music with was J-Hope, because he gave me a listening session before his “Jack in the Box” came out, so I just paid back the same. And he loved the track with Erykah, and the “Wild Flower,” which is amazing.

—RM, Variety

Then he elaborated on why the other members didn’t get a pre-release sneak peek at the album. RM said that since all of them are practically a family, they also maintain that respectful distance from each other where everyone can have the necessary space to do their own thing. They support each others’ projects whole-heartedly, but don’t usually get engage with it from a professional mindset since their style of artistry is so unique.

We had our own respect for our own individual stuff. When something comes out, we always watch it or we listen to it, but we’re just, ‘Aw, that was good. Aw, you look cute.’ We just usually don’t judge or easily advise somebody, because it’s their own.

—RM, Variety

RM then followed it up by saying even though a casual listening session might be good, he feels that they are too close to give each other feedback from a neutral perspective.

I want just other members to listen to it when it actually comes out, on an actual music platform. The casual listening session would be good, but still, I think we’re family — therefore, we’re too close. We know each other too much.

—RM, Variety

When J-Hope released his solo album Jack In The Box he had revealed that out of all the members, only RM and Jungkook listened to it before its official release. He had also mentioned that Suga always insists on listening to the other members’ solo works after its release because he respects the projects. When Jin was promoting “The Astronaut,” he shared that some of the members listened to the song and caught onto the seasonal sound of the track.

| BTS/Facebook

While the pre-release listening scenario might differ from member to member, there is no doubt that each member’s individual projects always get the best hype from the other six of the group.


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