BTS’s RM Sends The Audience At Bruno Mars’ Concert Into A Frenzy, Without Even Showing His Face

His aura says it all.

Bruno Mars just finished his Seoul concerts on two consecutive days, June 17 and June 18. On both days, the turnout consisted of multiple K-Pop stars, turning the shows into a hotspot for celebrity sightings!

On the Day 2 of Mars’s concert, BTS‘s leader RM showed up in the audience at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium. And his entrance left quite an impression on the people who witnessed it.

RM posted about attending the concert | @rkive/Instagram

In the videos posted on social media, RM is seen entering the venue wearing an all-black outfit with a black cap and a pair of oversized glasses. His face was completely covered with a mask, and there were only two people accompanying him to his seat. Despite his very unassuming appearance, people in the audience recognized him almost immediately.

RM spotted entering the venue

Though RM quickly walked through the corridor quickly to get to his seat, people who spotted him started to stand up, whipping out their phones to record. Some also began calling out his name, causing more people to take notice.

The videos soon went viral, and Korean netizens couldn’t help but marvel at RM’s undeniable star power.

| theqoo
  • “I was wondering why people went ‘OOO’ next to me. It was because of Namjoon, I see, LOL.”
  • “As expected, it’s BTS, LOL.”
  • “Look at the people standing up,ㅋㅋ. You can’t really control yourself when it’s BTS.”
  • “I think I would be fascinated too if I saw BTS, ㅋㅋ.”
  • “If I were there, I, too, would’ve stood up and clicked pictures.”
  • “Amazing TT, I’m jealous TT.”
| theqoo
  • “Namjoon came out covered from top to bottom like that and even wore a pair of silly glasses, but people still recognized him. Why is that so fascinating to me? LOL. All fans call him Namjoon, so I have never seen him be called RM. This situation is so strange and interesting to me. This video is so intriguing I keep coming back to it, LOL.”
  • “He wore a hat, a mask, and glasses. His hair isn’t even dyed, and his clothes are also like a socializing hip-hopper. The fact that people still recognized RM is amazing.”
  • “When it comes to Bangtan, you can’t really hold back, LOL.”
  • “The Muggles really call him RM, LOL.”
  • “Wow, look at the reaction.”