BTS’s RM Shares His Detailed Night Routine—And A Disorienting Dream He Had Recently

His subconscious must be a wild place.

BTS leader RM recently shared his full night routine with ARMYs, which had some fascinating revelations about the idol.

Living up to his reputation as the resident bookworm of BTS, RM shared that he reads books and webtoons at night before falling asleep.

I always read a book on the couch and when I start to nod off I go into the bedroom. There’s a moon-shaped nightstand on my side table, so I turn it on and I read weboons for about 20, 30 minutes before falling asleep.


Interestingly, RM revealed that he is the type of person who would fall asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow. But if he is in the mood to read webtoons before bed, he would sometimes even pull an all-nighter instead of sleeping.

As you may know, many webtoons come out on each day of the week. If I’m behind it, I’m in trouble. And new titles come out pretty often. If I find one I like, I go right for it. I have the binge-read the whole thing in a day. If that’s the case, I could be up till four or five in the morning.


RM’s bedtime thoughts depend entirely on what he has planned in the morning. When he sets his alarm, the number of hours that pops up before the alarm goes off, decides if he goes to sleep in a happy mood or with regrets.

The BTS member shared that he needs a detailed setup to be able to fall asleep. It includes black-out curtains and earplugs so that he can block out all stimulants, visual and auditory. Though he tries to avoid napping during the day, if he ever needs to take a nap, he needs those two things to fall asleep. Another tip he follows for good sleep is to relax his body while in bed.

I imagine releasing the tension in my entire body, as if I’m training to meditate…I think releasing the tension in your body is a very important tip to getting a good sleep.


RM’s bedtime companion is a pillow that he hugs to sleep. Though he usually kicks it off the bed when he’s not sleeping, it is a must-need for his sleep. Another sleeping habit that RM has is sleeping topless. He usually sleeps on his back and wakes up in the same position as he went to bed.

I can’t sleep with a top on. So, I usually sleep without a top. And with shorts. I mostly dress like that for bed.


When asked about his dreams while asleep, the rapper shared a funny dream he had recently where he had an intense fight with his BTS co-member Suga.

Recently I had a dream where I had a big fight with Yoongi hyung. When I woke up, I was a bit confused. ‘Did that fight really happen?’ ‘Is that why I dreamed that dream?’ But it didn’t actually happen. We actually went along really well at work that day.


RM has only one preferred diffuser that he uses in his room. Though he didn’t specify the product’s details, he said that it emits a grassy smell. His late-night indulgences are also very specific—if it’s hot food, he goes for ramen, and if it’s cold food, then bingsoo.

According to the rapper, waking up with your alarm is all a game of willpower—”I think people who say they can’t wake up in the morning are just making excuses. I can wake up well now, thanks to training.

Next, he revealed some more of his bedtime preferences through a balance game. Check out his answers below:

What would you listen to before bed? Classical music vs. Nature sounds. Though he prefers no noise at all, if he had to choose, the latter would be it.

Which blanket texture? Crinkly and cool vs. Cozy and warm.

Which blanket design? Plain and neat vs. Checkered

Do you turn on the nightstand before bed? Instead of a yes or no answer, he shared that he turns it on while prepping for sleep but turns it off when he actually goes to sleep.

Which pillow? High vs. Low

Which workout before bed? Basic stretching vs. Intense ab crunches, though he would prefer no workout at all.

Which bedtime book? A healing essay vs. A slow touching novel

What comforts you before bed? A round of games vs. Online shopping. He explained that though neither of the options are comforting for him, he’d rather choose the latter.

Do you sleep with a blanket in the summer? Yes vs. No

Must-have winter items? Heated mattress pad vs. Cozy fleece pants and socks. His answer was neither.

Which nature sounds before bed? Crickets vs. Waves.

Source: Weverse