BTS’s RM Shares An Exclusive Picture With Fellow Soldiers

Looking good, boys!

BTS‘s leader RM recently shared a new picture from the military!

rkive1 (14)
RM | @rkive/Instagram

Since RM enlisted for his mandatory military service last December, along with his groupmate, V, he has had a pretty eventful career as a soldier. First, V and he finished their basic training together and graduate as Elite Trainees.

After joining his base, RM also delivered an eloquent video speech at another military event, creating much buzz.

And very recently, a pciture of him in military band’s uniform also went viral on online communities.

download - 2024-02-24T174136.818

However, the newest update of RM is not about a new military achievement, but his co-soldiers. The rapper unexpectedly shared a picture of him with a few friends, all in military uniform, on his Instagram story on February 24. The original post was made by one of the men in the photo, while RM reposted it on his account.

Screenshot 2024-02-24 153903

Meanwhile, RM is expected to be discharged from his military duties on June 10, 2025.


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