BTS’s RM Shares His Instagram DM Screenshots Proving How Comfortable He Is With ARMYs

His commitment to being honest with fans is unmatched.

In a recent interview, BTS‘s RM shared some screengrabs of his Instagram DMs, touching fans’ hearts with his gesture.

BTS’s RM | @rkive/Instagram

The DMs in question were exchanged between RM and his fellow artist Paul Blanco. Blanco is a Korean R&B artist who has won massive praise from ARMYs with his smooth vocals on “Closer” with RM and Mahalia. The BTS member has repeatedly shown his deep appreciation for him, even calling him the “biggest yungin” in Korea in a thank you note he sent after Indigo‘s release.

In a previous interview, RM had shared that he reached out to him through Instagram and shared the song at around 4 am. Blanco got back to him with his recording by 12 pm the next day. Surprised by how fast he sent in his parts, RM asked him if he never sleeps, to which the witty singer replied, “Hyungnim, sleep is for the rich people!”

Though sharing such behind stories of his projects is not new for RM, he took fans aback by his next-level openness when he shared screenshots of his DMs with Blanco in a recent interview.

RM: I’m currently preparing my album…There’s a song I’d like you to hop onto with me. If you’d like to be on it, could you give me your contact details?

Paul Blanco: Ha…I’d like that a lot, hyung. It’s 010-[rest blurred out]. Please feel free to contact me whenever. I ride for you bro 

RM: Thank you ! I’m in the midst of sorting out my demo and I think I’ll be dobe by tomorrow. I’ll rearrange the track a bit and contact you after!

Paul Blanco: No, I’m the one who’s really thankful!! I’ll work hard. Please take your time to send it.

RM: Blanco-nim I’m sorry, my throat condition isn’t good right now. So, I think it’ll take me a few days to rearrange the track. I’ll send you a message once it’s done!

Paul Blanco: Don’t worry, health comes first bro! Take your time to send it, it’s alright don’t worry!

Fans were touched by the fact that RM felt comfortable enough to share the entire conversation with them, even when he didn’t have to. Many also noted the sweet dynamic between the two artists reflected in their correspondence.

Source: Hypebeast Korea


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