BTS’s RM Spilled The Tea On V’s Sleeping Habits, And Everyone Was Shook

Their reactions were priceless!

During their recent appearance on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, BTS took part in a game where they addressed some rumors from what ARMYs could’ve been called, J-Hope‘s fashion taste, Jimin‘s potential stage name, and what Suga‘s first album was.

After addressing the member’s individual rumors, Jimmy Fallon explained that, because the group had been together for over eight years, what was the most surprising thing they learned about each other during that time.

Before any of the members had a chance to say something, RM was ready to spill the tea on V. He explained that one thing he learned about V was that he sleeps with his eyes open! It seemed as if the members weren’t expecting that statement because J-Hope and Jungkook started laughing.

Yet, it was V’s reaction that stood out the most because, as soon as RM spilled his habit, his expressions went from looking confused, smiling to confirm the statement and then serious.

Even though Jimmy Fallon asked if that was it, it was definitely some TMI, yet it was something many ARMYs already know about. After being together for so long, the members must know a lot about each other, and this might have been one of the most random things RM could’ve said! You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Tonight Show