BTS’s RM Gains Attention For Streaming His Juniors’ Songs As A Way To Pay Back A Favor

He’s so cute for this.

BTS‘s RM recently gained attention for how he paid back favors to his juniors who participated in the “Run BTS” challenge. The challenge is based on BTS’s new release of the song and choreography for “Run BTS.”

A demanding choreography, not many can pull it off. Each junior group in HYBE sent out their main dancers to participate in the dance challenge. fromis_9 sent out Seoyeon, ENHYPEN sent out Niki and Jungwon, TXT had Yeonjun, while SEVENTEEN had HoshiNewJeans covered it with Haerin and Minji, while LE SSERAFIM did it as a whole.

To thank his juniors for their participation, RM proceeded to stream a song from each group. He uploaded the proof shots on his Instagram to further help promote the groups.

Last but not least, he made sure to stream his own song!

He soon gained attention for his “streaming in return” kind deed. Many fans also urged him to participate in the various groups’ dance challenges.

Netizens’ response. | theqoo
  • “He’s so cute for streaming in return LOL”
  • “Let’s go, “HYPE BOY” challenge!!!”
  • “Reading all the BTS posts on the hot issues page make me realize why people like them.”
  • “Ha, so cute LOL”
  • “Kim Namjoon is f*cking cute LOL Namjoon-ah, please do challenges in return too!!”

Given his dance skills, fHe wasans would love to see him dance to other groups’ songs!

Source: theqoo


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