BTS’s RM And Suga Just Had Two Shockingly Different Airport Experiences

Changes were made.

BTS‘s RM and Suga experienced two very different receptions when they returned to South Korea from the US.

Suga (left) and RM (right)

Following BTS’s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE shows in Los Angeles, some members returned to Seoul while others kicked off their vacation time in the US. After touring museums in several states, RM flew home on December 17.

Upon arrival, RM was crowded by reporters and fans. Despite this, RM greeted everyone cordially as he made his way through the busy airport.

| PICKCON / 픽콘/Youtube

ARMYs, on the other hand, were less tolerant of this behavior. Crowding is discouraged at the best of times, but it is unacceptable during a pandemic when social distancing is necessary to protect yourself and others from COVID-19.

Today, Suga arrived at Incheon International Airport with a stylish new look — and a beefed-up security team.

Unlike RM, Suga was surrounded by bodyguards, who acted as a barrier between the star and reporters. The airport was noticeably less busy than it was when RM arrived, but this security squad seemed prepared to handle a crowd.

Fan suspect BTS’s agency, HYBE, made changes in light of RM’s experience. As always, the members’ safety is a top priority!

Watch Suga’s arrival here:

Same Fit, Different Vibes