BTS’s RM Just “Betrayed” Suga — And ARMY’s Reactions Are Everything We Ever Wanted

He gave him no mercy. 😂

BTS‘s unintentionally hilarious duo RM and Suga are at it again!

To commemorate the release of the new “Butter” music video, RM uploaded a behind-the-scenes selfie taken while on set. Everything seems normal…at first glance.


— RM

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

However, RM was too focused on his own good looks to see what was happening in the background. Filming a music video is hard work, especially for Suga who was caught in the middle of a yawn!

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

Suga responded to the tweet, making ARMYs find the situation even more hilarious.

What’s in the back.. could you make it blurry at least…

— Suga

Even though Suga would rather have the photo censored, ARMYs don’t mind. He actually looks adorable!

It didn’t take long for fans to post their own edits — and the end results are priceless!

Always remember to check the background of your photos, because you never know what might happen!

| @Tomatico6/Twitter