BTS’s RM Learns The Internet Is Forever With His Latest Twitter Struggle

Classic Namjoon! 😂

If anyone knows they can’t escape what they post online, it’s BTS!

As fast as the members are to delete a mistake they’ve posted on Twitter or Weverse, ARMYs are always there to save it at lightning speed. Videos like Jungkook‘s “10,000 Hours” cover only live on in reposts from fans.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

Sometimes, instead of erasing their tweets from the internet completely, they’ll quickly re-upload the modified version, like when J-Hope suddenly remembered he was a Samsung Ambassador!

| @jeongguknuna/Twitter

Recently, leader RM did the same thing with a whole lot more struggle!

Upon posting his tweet after the 2021 American Music Awards, he wrote a message of thanks for ARMYs. However, “literally everythong” went wrong!

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

Upon realizing the mistake, he copied and pasted the tweet to post it again with the typo fix. However, he also highlighted the “translate tweet” option at the bottom and included it in his final tweet!

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

If there’s one way to describe this hilarious blunder, it’s “Classic Namjoon!”

| @KKDirectioner/Twitter

He might have drank too much at BTS’s exclusive live-streamed after party…

| @IgaveinB/Twitter

…but who can blame him? Congrats, BTS!

The Internet Is Forever