Who Is BTS RM’s Twitter Informant? ARMYs Might Have Figured It Out

The man himself hinted at the answer.

In 2020, during his birthday live broadcast, BTS‘s RM mentioned a mysterious friend who keeps him updated with the ongoing trends and discussions on ARMY Twitter. Since then, fans have been trying to figure out if this “friend” is RM himself on his stan account or a real acquaintance. But now his identity might have been revealed by RM himself!

After the release of his new album Indigo, RM has frequently been sharing different content related to the project on his Instagram. Apart from sharing the official videos and interviews, he also posted some behind-the-scene clips, such as him recording “Forg_tful,” and jamming to Indigo tracks with John Eun, Docskim, and Park Jaeshin.

In his recent Instagram story, RM shared a video that shocked everyone because it was a fan edit created with scenes from the movie Decision to Leave to RM’s new song “Closer.” RM is a self-proclaimed fan of the movie and admitted to watching it around five to six times. In fact, he showed his unfiltered fanboying on The Dictionary of Useless Human Knowledge, where the movie’s director Cheon Seo Kyung appeared as a guest.

In the caption of his Instagram story, RM mentioned that his fellow artist, eAeon, had sent him the video. When he reposted the edit, it barely had 1,000 likes, implying that eAeon must be really deep into ARMY Twitter to find an edit that hadn’t even blown up!

| @eaeon/Instagram

This incident has given ARMYs enough reasons to now believe that the friend of RM who reports ARMYs’ shenanigans on Twitter to him is none other than “Change pt 2” producer eAeon.


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