BTS’s RM Crashed V’s Live Broadcast, And Their Chemistry Is Everything

Here’s what they did 💜

BTS‘s V and RM have the sweetest friendship!

BTS’s RM (Left) and V (Right)

V held a live broadcast on July 24 where he played music, read comments, and professed his love for ARMYs around the world.

Towards the end of the show, a special guest made a surprise appearance. Fans noticed just how happy V looked when RM started walking his way.

His expression soon turned into one of amusement when the older member spilled the drink he was holding.

RM: I spilled the protein [drink] right after I came.

V: That’s right. Is it possible?

RM: It’s too good to waste.

While RM cleaned up his mess, he praised V for his excellent choice of music, saying, “Taehyung, you’re listening to a good song. Masterpiece!” It was none other than Boys II Men‘s 1992 hit song “End of the Road.”

The two jammed along to the song, dancing excitedly and acting like all fanboys would.

They serenaded viewers with their sweet-as-honey voices that everyone couldn’t get enough of!

Their chemistry was the sweetest!

RM (Left) and V (Right)

If you want to sing along with them, check out Boys II Men’s music video below.

Source: Naver Live


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