BTS’s RM Wants One Thing From The GRAMMYs, And They’re More Than Ready For It

He’s waiting for their call.

BTS has a message for the GRAMMY Awards, and they want to be heard!

On November 23, Esquire released a video featuring beloved K-Pop group BTS.

Not only did they explain their own memes, they also pulled at heartstrings by sharing their honest opinion on being told they “conquered the world”.

Towards the end of the video, they were shown a tweet that talked about their possible appearance at the 2021 GRAMMY Awards.

| Esquire

RM expressed his sincere wish to one day hold their comeback stage there.

Usually, ah…how shall I put it? Don’t you think we can make comebacks at a lot of places, like at M Countdown or Weverse? Except the one place we can’t make our comeback, we’ll show through our form that we want to make a comeback at the GRAMMYs.

— RM

He confidently asked the GRAMMYs to get in touch with them.

Jin perked up, suggesting that he send them a message: “Give them a video letter filled with your sincere heart“.

With a wide smile on his face, RM asked Recording Academy, the institution behind the GRAMMYs, to call them up one of these days.

Recording Academy, call us. We’re ready.

— RM

Ever the polite man that he is, Jin made sure to thank them before the conversation ended.

Here’s to hoping BTS can finally fulfill their wish of holding one of their comebacks at the GRAMMYs!

| Billboard

Watch the full video below.

Source: Esquire