BTS’s Interviewer Is Fangirling Over The Members, And Honestly, Same

She’s a true ARMY.

E NOW‘s Sakshma Srivastav has had one-on-one chats with many stars, but her dream came true when she finally interviewed BTS.

Sakshma Srivastav interviewing BTS

Earlier this month, Sakshma impressed fans with her well-researched questions, her poise, and her ability to make BTS’s 18-minute interview comfortable for the members. Now, in a new commentary video, Sakshma is sharing behind-the-scenes stories, and more.


Like any ARMY, she was nervous to meet BTS, but she kept her cool, even around her biasV“He’s my bias, by the way, so I was naturally nervous,” Sakshma said, pointing out a clip of herself talking to him. “I’m like, ‘V’…I was so nervous.”

During her commentary, Sakshma touched on the members’ charms. “He’s so cute…I’m dying,” she said while watching Jungkook repeat the Hindi phrase she taught BTS. She expressed her love for his purple hair, as well as Jin‘s self-dyed purple ‘do.

I think he looks so good in that hair. Oh my God. And the way that it’s styled [. . .] And Jin looked so good with purple hair.

— Sakshma Srivastav

J-Hope‘s styling also earned a well-deserved shoutout. “Can we talk about how good he looks?” Sakshma said. (Why, yes. Of course, we can!) “That blonde hair and that coat. Wow. I think he looks so, so elite and elegant. I just loved his look in this. I just absolutely loved it.” 

Like many ARMYs, Sakshma also fell head over heels for BTS’s well-spoken leader, RM.

He is so articulate. His voice, the kind of bass in his voice, and when he talks, it is so articulate. Like, my God. I can listen to him all day. It’s like a poem, it’s so nice. If there’s an RM podcast, I’d listen to it all day all night. All the time. He speaks so well.

— Sakshma

Then there’s Jimin working his irresistible “Jimin Effect” with ethereal visuals.

Okay, first of all, pause. Look at him. He is so beautiful. His face is perfect. Like, I can pause at any point and it’s a wallpaper. Look at him. What the hell. How is that even like a human face? It looks like an advanced breed. It’s so beautiful. He’s so beautiful. Wow.

— Jimin

Sakshma also complimented Suga, for his ability to channel painful memories and emotions into music. “He said it so well,” she said.

Watch the video here:


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