BTS Share Something Interesting That They Do As A Part Of Their Daily Routines

They are all hard-working on and off stage!

For the eighth volume of BTS’s Japan Fanclub magazine, the members covered a variety of different topics from Jungkook’s wish to perform together forever, creating imaginary islands for ARMYs, and more.

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They also revealed what their routines were in the morning, at night, and before concerts. Let’s take a look at their answers!

What is something different or interesting in your daily routine?

I might not have a special routine? I brush my teeth before going to bed and check the day before’s news the following morning. I tend to enjoy reading the social section of the news. I drink a ton of water when I wake up so I sleep with water next to me. I wake up 30 minutes before I need to head out and take a shower, change clothes, and gather the things I need before heading out.

⁠— Suga

I use my phone while watching TV. Recently, I was watching a popular drama on TV while on my phone and before I knew it, I missed an important scene in the drama. This is when I realized that this is what happens when you use your phone while watching TV. Everyone be careful about this too (laughs).

⁠— Jin

I don’t like it when my shoelaces untie during a performance so I always tie my shoelaces so tight that it hurts. After finishing a concert I like to eat lightly with things such as fruit. If I eat too much, my stomach hurts the next day. I always try my best to maintain my best condition for the stage.

⁠— Jimin


What is a routine that you do before a concert?

I warm up my voice by making loud noises a few times. I warm up my body thirty minutes before a show. I’m a total extroverted person so if I don’t exercise and heat up my body, I can get hurt. I’m like a classic car (which takes time to start the engine).

⁠— RM

I don’t put in my in-ear piece until the lift takes me up to the stage. All the fans’ voices can be heard loudly right before we appear on stage right? I like to listen to the voices. I receive a lot of strength from our fans’ voices.

⁠— Jungkook

What is your night routine?

I try to correct my back with a foam roller before going to sleep. When I hear the cracking sound that means my body has relaxed. Then I know that I can sleep well.

⁠— J-Hope

I drink something warm. I sit far away from my bed and slowly drink while on my phone or listening to music. When my body feels relaxed and warm, I go to sleep.

⁠— V

This issue of their fanclub magazine gave fun insight into the members’ daily lives and interesting details on what they do before performing in front of ARMYs!