BTS Shares Their Funniest Stage Mistakes And What They Miss Most About Being On The Road

They’re legendary!

BTS recently sat down for an interview with iHeartRadio where they discussed their next album, leisure activities, and more.

When the interviewer, Jojo Wright, asked if they were bored by now because of quarantine measures and couldn’t wait to hit the road, the boys unanimously agreed.

He then asked what they miss the most about being on the road. Member Suga spoke for the group when he shared his thoughts on the topic.

We haven’t been able to perform in front of an audience this year, so we really miss our fans.

— Suga

Jojo Wright also asked about the funniest mistake they had ever made on stage—the kind where everyone noticed they were wrong.

Jungkook brought up incidences of their pants ripping because of their choreography…

…and J-Hope remembered how they had accidentally splashed water on their members instead of the audience.

They were definitely iconic moments that fans will never forget! Catch more of BTS in the full interview below:

Source: iHeartRadio