BTS Are So Close To ARMYs That They Can Talk About Anything During Livestreams, Including Farts

It’s giving chaotic best friend energy.

When it comes to fan-artist relationships, BTS and ARMYs share an enviable dynamic. While the fans show up for them every time, BTS trust them enough to show their unfiltered selves, whether it be through their songs, performances, or chaotic live streams like the most recent one.

| Weverse Live

After finishing a historical concert in Busan on October 15, where BTS performed as the honorary public relations ambassador of the 2030 Busan World Expo, four members turned on a live stream to talk to fans. J-Hope, Jungkook, Jimin, and appeared to be in a playful mood as they talked about the concert while munching away on some ramen.

But when Jungkook got up to get some champagne, J-Hope heard the champagne lid pop and asked Jungkook on camera if that was the sound of his fart. All hell broke loose at this comment as Jimin and V decided to join in the teasing of the maknae. “Jungkook’s farts are so strong right?” Jimin joked while V added, “Jungkookie farted!”

With the other three ganged up against him, Jungkook made a faint attempt to defend himself before pulling the bestie card with ARMYs— “We came to Busan with a good vibe and why are you suddenly talking about farts? All our ARMYs also fart!” V and Jimin immediately pulled the ARMY card as well, saying “ARMYs don’t fart!

This detailed gastric discourse gave rise to a series of hilarious reactions on Twitter from fans.

Never a dull day in the BTS land.


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