BTS Songs Were Reportedly Found On A USB In North Korea

BTS’s music was found on one of two USBs discovered at the scene.

BTS‘s music can be found in countries all over the world, even in North Korea, where K-Pop is banned by law.


In February, a USB containing BTS music was reportedly found in a house in Hyesan, a city in of North Korea’s Yang Kang Province. The house in question belongs to a Mr. Min, an ex-soldier who was previously discharged from the North Korean military, due to illness.



At Mr. Min’s house, two flash drives were found. One contained songs from South Korean dramas, including Marry Me Now. The other USB held songs by BTS, who have gained fans in North Korea despite the country’s strict laws regarding the consumption of South Korean pop culture.

Those who were discovered to have the USBs in their possession were reportedly arrested and taken to a detention center. There, they will be investigated by the Provincial Department of Protection.

Source: Daily NK