BTS Spills On Their Drinking Habits, And They Couldn’t Be More Different

Some things never change…

Considering that BTS debuted almost a decade ago, it seems impossible to see them as anything but the young idols they saw in 2013. Yet, fast forward to their ninth anniversary, much has changed as all the members are now grown men. One thing that changes as someone ages is their drinking habits.

BTS has never been afraid to show ARMYs their drinking habits, and the same was seen during a recent 2022 FESTA video.

Members of BTS drinking | BTS/VLIVE

To celebrate their 9th anniversary, as part of 2022 FESTA, the group sat down for a family dinner where they discussed everything from light-hearted stories about each other and also getting serious about their “hiatus” and the issues in the K-Pop industry.

Yet, aside from chatting, it was a time for the members to get together, eat some good food, and have a drink. From the very beginning, it was clear that all the members have very different habits when it comes to drinking.

When it came to picking their drinks, some of the members knew straight away, with Jimin opting for traditional Soju and Suga going for whiskey.

J-Hope seemed hilariously confused by a bottle on the table but RM was against the liquor, adding, “I’m having makgeolli,” which is a Korean alcoholic beverage.

He then proved to be a true alcohol connoisseur as he explained the way he drinks, “I drink cheongju before I switch to takju. I drink the clear part first and then shake it.” It seems like that is the process to go through to make the drink stronger.

On the other hand, Jungkook had a different way of drinking, explaining that he only drinks the transparent part of the drink.

While the members carried on drinking, they started talking about stories from their past, and it seemed clear that their alcohol habits are something that’s also changed over time.

J-Hope pointed out that he drinks more whiskey nowadays, before pointing out, “This is different from our past BTS Dinner Parties” Yet, it seems like one thing that hasn’t changed is J-Hope’s inability to hold alcohol as well as his members.

The next person to have their habits shared was Jimin. After taking the soju at the start of the dinner, RM noticed that his younger member wasn’t eating like the rest of them. Luckily, Jimin’s “favorite” member J-Hope had an explanation, adding, “Jimin doesn’t really eat when he drinks.”

Of course, as the dinner went on, J-Hope went redder and redder as he drank more alcohol. Jin then explained that J-Hope has a certain habit when he drinks and it was why he suddenly went very quiet.

When the two of us drink together, he doesn’t say a word if he’s tipsy.

— Jin

J-Hope also shared that the more he drinks, he doesn’t get tired, he just happens to yawn a lot.

Throughout the video, it was easy to see that all the members had very different drinking habits. While most of them seemed okay throughout, Suga started to go red as the dinner went on and J-Hope has seemingly not learned how to hold his alcohol any better.

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